How To Apply

We enjoyed the easy enrollment process with HCA and were guided along the way by an excellent Admissions Advisor who was available to answer our questions and provide a thorough tour. We chose to use the online application, and the process could not have been any simpler to complete. ~Mrs. Shanon Moore, HCA parent

A simple online application process awaits you!

Thank you for choosing to learn more about the Admissions process for Harvest Christian Academy. Please use these important steps to apply:

  1. APPLICATION – Complete our online application in about 10 minutes. Please complete an application for each student.
  2. BIRTH CERTIFICATE–  Please submit a county issued copy of your student’s birth certificate.
  3. ACADEMICS –  Submit your student’s most recent high school transcripts, or for grades 1-8, their most recent report card and any additional academic assessments (e.g. MAP). Please send these as PDFs to Lauryn Miller, Admission Specialist.
  4. RECOMMENDATIONS –  A current Pastor’s Recommendation is required because, as a Christian school, we are committed to teaching God’s Word and applying biblical principles throughout the school year. A recent Teacher’s Recommendation is needed for students applying for grades 1-12 because we are committed to academic excellence and have options for customizing each student’s learning experience.
  5. FAMILY INTERVIEW –   This final step prior to acceptance allows for you to meet with a member of our Administration Team.  Admissions will schedule this once the three preceding steps are completed.


We look forward to working with you in this process!