Re-enroll for HCA Lion Families

Once a Lion, always a Lion!


In order to take advantage of our simple process, complete this ENROLLMENT FORM and the CLASS PREFERENCE FORM for grades PS, PK and Kindergarten. That’s it; it’s super simple!

If you want to add a sibling, here is the easiest way to enroll a sibling who was not at HCA for 17-18. Just add the new sibling’s name to the enrollment form above and complete the HCA Admissions Application by March 02, 2018 and we will waive the $50 application fee.

Cheering for all our HCA Lion families as we roll over to a new school year!

Finally, read through the rest of the information on this page.  You can always refer back to this page with the shortcut /enrollment.

We know tuition rates are of great interest to you.  For 2018-2019, the rates reflect a mere 3% increase for cost of living, which helps us support our fabulous teachers.  Member Rate is noted under the discount section and remains the same as last year.


The fees for use of the Tuition Management program have stayed the same and they are drawn once with your first tuition payment*.  As a reminder, here they are:

Frequency of Tuition PaymentPayment MonthsOne- time FACTS Payment Fee*
Semi AnnualAugust & January$10
10 MonthAugust to May$45
12 MonthJune to May$45

Your tuition management accounts will roll over to 18-19 on the same plan you currently use.  If you prefer to change your payment plan, please contact Cheryl Nygren directly (847.214.3500 x3508.)  She is easily able to update this for you.



Financial aid is open for the 2018-19. Any family with students in full day kindergarten through grade 12 may apply. All families who received aid for 17-18 need to apply again if they want to be considered for 18-19. Applications are $30, online only and handled directly with FACTS Financial Aid. There is an application deadline of APRIL 1, 2018 at which time we will delegate awards to new families. Please don’t miss this! Visit for more information.


The online application for this program will go through our FACTS application.  Applications that qualify for the Children’s Tuition Fund (CFT-IL) will be flagged and processed through that venue first.  Read more about this program.


There are no upfront fees required to confirm your enrollment for fall 2018. The $300 Curriculum/Book Fee, by default, will be a separate line item on your FACTS Tuition Plan divided equally among your payments.  If you need to withdraw prior to 18-19 school year ending,  the balance of the Curriculum Fee will be due at time of withdrawal.

(Fee added to FACTS plan)
May 1 or beforeMay 2 or after
Grades PS-PK$100N/A
Grades K-12$300N/A

If you prefer to pay the Curriculum/Book Fee (or part of the fee) upfront via RevTrak, please contact Kristy Weidman , Director of Admissions 847.214.3500 x3504 to make this custom arrangement. We will be happy to make accommodations.


All new 18-19 HCA students will pay the curriculum/book fee upfront in order to secure their enrollment.

New Enrollments
(Fee Collect prior to enrollment)
May 1 or beforeMay 2 or later
Grades K-12$300$400
Grades PS-PK$100$150

These links are provided now so that you may begin to contact your doctor’s offices to make appointments as needed to meet all the health requirements prior to the first day of school in August 2018. They are not required with the submittal of our Re-Enrollment Form.

Health Requirements
Health Exam Form (Grades PS, K, 6, 9 and all new out of state transfers)
Vision Exam Form (Grades K and all out of state transfers)
Dental Exam Form (Grades K, 2, 6)
Health Care Plans (Chronic medical conditions i.e asthma, diabetes, food allergies)

We are here to help, so please contact us.  We would love to walk you through any part of this process.

Admissions & Enrollment Contacts
Mrs. Lauryn Miller
847.214.3500 x3393
Admissions Rep/Director of DevelopmentInitial contact for scheduling tours, screening and tuition quotes for preschool to grades 12
Mrs. Kristy Weidman 847.214.3500 x3504Director of AdmissionsFinancial aid questions, enrollment forms, new student transfer files
Mr. Jacob Bach
847.214.3500 x1133
Business OfficeTuition Payment Plans
Mrs. Deanna Devol, R.N. 847.214.350 x3378School NurseHealth Forms and care plans

Thank you for letting us partner with you at Harvest Christian Academy in order to train up this next generation of Christ followers. Our desire is to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission.