Scrip Gift Card Program

This program really works and is so simple to use~ Mrs. Lisa Lang, HCA parent

Learn how to save on your tuition for next year

What is SCRIP?
HCA is partnering with Great Lakes Scrip Center to make raising funds for our school an easy automatic process. SCRIP is fundraising through gift cards.  Purchase gift cards and e-gift cards at for items you normally spend money on such as groceries, gas, dining out, coffee, even vacations.  The possibilities are endless with over 750 retailers.  The earnings add up fast!  Dedicated HCA scrip uses have generated over $1,000+ per year toward tuition by just paying with scrip.  Check out this video!

How do I earn a tuition rebate and raise money for HCA?
Each gift card offers a rebate percentage.  SCRIP pays HCA back for the rebate percentage earned.  25% of the total rebate goes toward HCA’s PTF fund and the other 75% goes toward your family’s tuition bill.  For a $100 gift card that offers a 10% rebate, $7.50 is earned toward tuition and $2.50 is applied to the PTF.

Rebates earned from purchases 06/01/2018 – 05/31/2019 will be applied in August 2019 to the 2019/2020 school year bill. What retailers can I purchase from?See the SCRIP website for the list of featured retailers.

How do I sign-up?

STEP 1:  Create a SCRIP account.

  • Go to and click “Join A Program.” Enter our enrollment code:  1B9LC16F136L3  >Fill out the registration page.
  • If you already have a SCRIP account, but haven’t used it in a while, call customer service (800) 727-4715 to reactivate your account.

STEP 2:  Setup a PrestoPay account (all purchases must be made through PrestoPay; checks or cash orders are no longer accepted.)

  • Sign onto your SCRIP account.  Click on “Dashboard”.  Under family functions, click on PAYMENT TYPES.
  • Follow the steps to enroll by either instantly linking your bank account or entering information manually.
  • Create a 4 digit PIN that you should memorize. You will use this PIN each time you check out with Presto Pay.

Mobile Website

  • To find and install this app on your phone, simple type “” into your phone’s browser or simply click on the link.  Once on the page, add it your home screen.  PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT find this in the app store!
  • See quick directions in the image to the right.


Ordering Deadlines & Pickup for Plastic Cards

  • Orders for plastic gift cards must be placed by Monday at 12:00 p.m. (noon) for pick up on  or before Friday.
  • Lisa Lang at  will contact you to arrange pick-up.

Questions About SCRIP?

Lisa Lang is your SCRIP coordinator.  Email her at for questions about the SCRIP program.